Booking system for train

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Thematische categorie van het idee:: Digitale diensten voor het OV
Transport systeem:: Trein
Wat is het doel van het idee?: Tevredenheid van OV gebruikers verbeteren
Aangemaakt: 4 jaar geleden
Aangemaakt door: Mrdh

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Dutch is very organized people with good planning. I find it scandalous when public transport can be overcrowded.

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It's quite simple. An application that give passenger serious discount when you book to ride a train. This will assign him a seat automatically or a seat that he can choose by him self. Instead of 1st class and 2nd class, it is better to utilize all available seats. This will save cost for NS too and makes everyone happy. The so called 2nd class can be intended to people who don't book their ride in a first place. Keep in mind the booking system must allow passenger to apply for multiple days/months of journeys (not just one time ride)

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